Saturday, July 30, 2011

Big Brother is 2-0!

Yesterday (July 29) was my big brother, Charles's, birthday!!! He has been on this earth for 20 years now! :)

 So, I haven't really introduced you to my other big brother. This is Charles and from yesterday he is now 20 years old! I remember when he was 15 and I thought that was old! haha :) Now I'm 15 and he's 20! It's crazy how fast the years have passed. The three of us are the best of friends! We went to Carrabbas for his birthday dinner and it was delicious :) We snagged my dad's iPhone and took pictures with this cool app he has. We also got him a guitar for his birthday! It's a pretty blue Ibanez guitar and he named it Xavier! How cool of a name is that?!?!?!

And as you see now I have gotten my bangs! So far I love them! Except I have to pull them back when I'm dancing and such. But so far so good :)

Hope you are all having a fun weekend so far!

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  1. Ahaha!!!That's so cool!!!