Saturday, July 30, 2011

Big Brother is 2-0!

Yesterday (July 29) was my big brother, Charles's, birthday!!! He has been on this earth for 20 years now! :)

 So, I haven't really introduced you to my other big brother. This is Charles and from yesterday he is now 20 years old! I remember when he was 15 and I thought that was old! haha :) Now I'm 15 and he's 20! It's crazy how fast the years have passed. The three of us are the best of friends! We went to Carrabbas for his birthday dinner and it was delicious :) We snagged my dad's iPhone and took pictures with this cool app he has. We also got him a guitar for his birthday! It's a pretty blue Ibanez guitar and he named it Xavier! How cool of a name is that?!?!?!

And as you see now I have gotten my bangs! So far I love them! Except I have to pull them back when I'm dancing and such. But so far so good :)

Hope you are all having a fun weekend so far!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

While on a Walk

A while ago...I think the day after July 4th...I though It would be fun to take some photos of my friend Jenna! I picked out her clothes and did her hair. It was really fun! I loved the whole process of getting her ready with outfits and taking pictures in different places :) Some pictures were taken with Gidget (my Canon Film SLR) then some were with my digital camera.

Here are some of the photos!

 And here's a photo Jenna took of me that I absolutely love!

Have a whimsical Wednesday everybody! :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Give Me a Camera and See What Happens

So, I'm breaking my rule about only having one post a day but I was too excited about this one! Today, my friend Abbie (who may look familiar from this post and this post) came over to let me meet her 39 year old camera which she named Fiore! I made her name it :) Fiore is a 39 years old and is a Nikon that use to belong to her aunt. She's very pretty! I think Gidget and Parisa liked her too :) I'm a nerd and name my belongings! Anyways we took a walk to the woods behind my house and I took some photos! I'm very pleased with the outcomes! I tend to find a lot of inspiration out of my friends! There's another photo shoot that I took a while back with my friend Jenna that I'll share with you tomorrow :)

Sorry for the picture overload haha :)
Have a wonderful day Tuesday!

How I Love Giveaways!!!

One great thing about blogging is joining all these different giveaways! Even though I haven't won any yet I'm still very hopeful! It's all a matter of luck and time :) So today, I am here to join a giveaway and promote one too! One of my favorite bloggers, Polli, is giving away a goodie bag from Foxes! One of the extra entries is to share this giveaway. So to hopefully up my chances of winning AND to get you guys to try to win it too I'm blogging about this today!

Here are the items that she is giving away!

We could win:
♥ Limted Edition Collaboration Foxes tote
♥ Katy Did gocco print card 'Let Them Eat Pav' card
 Miss Masie peppermint flower earrings 
 Miss Masie peppermint flower ring

Hope you guys join the giveaway! :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Time For Change!

For the last 5 years of my life I have had side swept bangs...I think it's time for a change...which I've been doing a lot of lately :) So, I'm planning on getting straight across bangs. Zooey Deschanel is my biggest inspiration for my hair!

I have been such a fan of Zooey Deschanel for the longest time! Some of my favorite movies of her are Elf (of course) Tin Man (the SyFy nerd coming out) and 500 Days of Summer (all time favorite movie) I'm also a big fan of her little band called She & Him. The music is so cute! I'm so excited for her new show New Girl coming out in the fall! I'm excited to get my haircut! I'm hoping it's sooner than later so I can start school with a new style!

The love the last photo for two reasons: 1) Love Zooey's hair with ribbon 2) I have a biggest celebrity crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt!!! <3 I also have a funny joke about Joseph and his it goes: "I guess architecture really worked out well for him because then he got a job where he used architecture in dreams!"
Get it? Cuz he was in 500 Days of Summer then he was in Inception! Haha...yeah...Really corny joke! That's the nerd in me coming out 8P

Lots o' love on this inspirational Monday! Kicking off the week great :) 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blue is the New Red!

Guess what my brother and I did today!
Yup...once again, I have made cupcakes! But instead of making RED velvet cupcakes we made BLUE velvet cupcakes :) As you can tell, I tend to go against the norm! We made it all from scratch and it ended up delicious! It's always fun when my brother comes home to visit and we bake :) Good brother-sister bonding time!

  I guess you all know by now that I love baking :)
Any thoughts as to what I should bake next?

Friday, July 22, 2011

What Different Sounds Like

I always find it so amusing when I'm listening to my iPod and someone asks me if they can look through my songs. Then, while they're looking they have a completely muddled face. Finally, they hand back my iPod and say "You don't have any good music." I find it so funny how different my music is to everybody's! Apparently the songs I listen to either no one knows or no one likes! Haha! But it's ok, I like to be different!
These are my top 15 favorite songs on my iPod (in no particular order)
1) Juicebox - The Strokes
2) War Sweater - Wakey!Wakey!
3) The Trial of the Century - French Kicks
4) The Cave - Mumford and Sons
5) Modern Drift - Efterklang
6) Vagabond - Wolfmother
7) Only Waiting - The Travelling Band
8) Please Let Me Get What I Want - The Smiths
9) Conversation 16 - The National
10) Glockenspiel Song - Dog is Dead
11) Young Folks - Peter Bjorn and John
12) Tighten Up - The Black Keys
13) Up Up Up - Givers
14) Dead Disco - Metric
15) Moth's Wing - Passion Pit
How many of those songs do you know?
Here are some photos that I got developed last week!!! The last one makes me smile! I'm loitering in front a no loitering sign! Lomography Rule #10 Don't Worry About the Rules

Wow! Can't believe it's already Friday! This week went by so fast! Have a fun weekend everyone :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

1000 Paper Cranes

"An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane, such as long life or recovery from illness or injury."

And so my journey begins...

With 10 down 990 to go...I think I'm making good progress for the first day :) I also gladly accomplished another one of my 10 Things to Do Before Summer! After making my first paper crane it became addicting and fun! This will be an eventful journey :)

Have a luck filled day!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Story Behind the Name

I was looking at my blog to see if I wanted to design it any differently and I noticed I didn't give any explanation as to why I called my blog 'Under Peach Trees' So, this is the story behind it!

As you all know...or don't know, I love writing! From poems to short stories to even attempted novels. Which is where this name came up. I'm writing a book that takes place in New York state between high schoolers. One is an artist and one is a musician. They meet at a concert and the girl has friends who is part of a band called The Peach Trees! From that I decided I wanted to draw a picture:

As you know that's my header drawing :) 
I don't want to give away too much from the book until I've written most of it and so far I'm at chapter 7. So there you all go! The story behind the title! 

Have a nice day :)

Friends with Fashion!

What I Wore!

Shirt: Forever21
Shorts: Forever21
Bird Necklace: Forever21
Glasses: Ossip (prescribed) 
Pearl Necklace: ???
Blazer Jacket: ???
Bracelet: Necklace sent from the Philippines 

As you can see, today I'm doing a 'What I Wore' post. (inspired by one of my favorite bloggers Miss James) I've always wanted to do one and now I have! Thanks to Elizabeth! She came over today again, I think I got her addicted to blogging! Good thing we live so close to each other. She designed my outfit and also did my hair. How cute is it?!?! I love the little bun! I definitely know what outfit I'll be wearing to school soon :) Fashion is another thing that I love and luckily I have friends with such great taste that are also similar to mine too! 

This is what Elizabeth wore!
See Elizabeth's post at her blog Colour Me Fashion

Have a fun day everyone!