Sunday, April 29, 2012

Les Miserables

So for the past few months I've been part of my high school's musical. This year we did Les Miserables! Les Mis is one of my all time favorite musicals! It's been a dream of mine to be part of this show and I was lucky enough to be cast in it! This weekend was our show weekend. We had four shows (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and each one was better than the last! Being in such an amazing show like this was just magical! Everything was so surreal! We really became our characters and it just is so hard to believe that it's over :( I only hope that I get the chance to be in another show as amazing and perfect as this :)

Here are some of the photos from the show and backstage:
Hope you all have had a fabulous weekend!!! :D

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Project

I made something!!! I actually sat down for three hours and made something! ...which is really good for me considering I'm not usually a person who can sit down and do one thing for more than an hour :) But surprisingly it happened!

I've always wanted to make a mix-media artwork but never really knew what exactly what to do...until this morning :) I'm not calling myself an artist at all, I just like to do random creative things so of course it's not to a professional level but it's fun to make!

Here's some pics of the process :)

Hope you all enjoy :) Have a great Sunday everyone!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Music Hunter

As a person who doesn't necessarily enjoy the music played on the radio now-a-days I just love exploring websites and finding old/new music to listen to! Also, rediscovering music on your iPod is just the best! That's what happened with me and Polyphonic Spree! Best.Feeling.Ever. There's a hobby of making music and then there's a hobby of finding music...I'm obsessed with both haha! Anyways I found some amazing bands today and I just wanted to share it with you guys! It's giving me so much inspiration for my own music! These bands are just pure magic to my ears :) I hope you all enjoy them too!

There's something about music that if heard at the right time can make your day go from awful to perfect :) The power of music is just truly amazing in my opinion!

Since I'm such a sucker for discovering new music are there any bands that you guys love? I'd love to check out any type of band (besides rap and hip hop) haha :)

Here are the bands in no particular order (they are all equally amazing!)

The Polyphonic Spree
Priscilla Ahn
My Little Pony
The Perishers
Art of Sleeping
We are the Birdcage
Marble Sounds
The Paper Kites
Sorry for the music overload :)
Hope you've all had an awesome Friday!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

100th Post!

Say what!?! I made it to 100 posts?!?! Not gonna lie...I'm so surprised! I love doing things and projects but I tend to get distracted with other things easily (hence my really long break a while back) But I'm glad I'm keeping up with this hobby because I love it so much! It's like once you make it to 100 you know that you can keep going on :) I really hope that's true! haha This blog has really helped me grow and mature so much!

Anyways I just wanted to say thank you to all my followers and readers! It just means a lot to me when people actually read my posts :) I'm really excited for the future of this blog and where it will lead and take me! Soooo I hope you guys stick with me for my crazy adventure on this blog! And I'll see you guys soon!

Hope you all have a fantabulous day!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

The True Fiasco

So, my friend and I are starting a new blog together called True Fiasco! You guys should go check it out!

My friend Colleen (who I like to call Coco) and I met first semester this year in our honors English class. We found out that we have a lot of things in common and really quickly became best friends! Now we're planning out our futures together as roommates from where we're going to go to college to what celebrity we're going to marry (which will remain confidential in the rare case that it may happen haha) 

We're hoping on somehow having the blog help us out in our journey to LA, California! So go check out our first post and follow! I hope you enjoy our new blog! It'll be a new experience for me doing two blogs at once but I promise to not neglect this blog! :D 

Here are some pictures of the two of us!

We're two goofballs I know! 
So I hope you all have had a wonderful day! And don't forget to go check out my new blog!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sing With Class

So remember when I told you guys that I would be bombing you with a lot of show choir posts and what not for the next two years?'s starting :)

Last night the Ambassadors 2012-2013 had their first meeting! It was in introduction night to the upcoming Ambassadors! It was quite the experience. It was so much fun hanging out with friends and talking about how fun the next two years are going to be.

Words cannot describe how excited I am for this show choir! To be part of a legacy this big and important is a dream that only a few students who go through CHS get to be in. And I'm even lucky enough to get to be a two year member!

If you are a fan of anything musical or show choir related you have to look up the Carmel High School Ambassadors on Youtube! You'll see the previous years and see how amazing they are! Like I haven't said it enough but I'm just so super excited to do what I love to do and compete with it :D

Ambassadors 2012-2013
Learning the group chants
My 'big brother'
Me photo-bombing
kids from B.A.G. (choir i'm in now) who got into Ambassadors
Ambassadors next 6 junior girls
My dancer partner this year :)
Our amazing choir director!!!

Hope you all have had a great day!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!!/Spring Break: Instagram Style

I want to start off this post saying one thing: HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!! I hope everyone has God in their hearts today and knows that everyday is a blessing and miracle! I also wanted to share something that my church shared with me this morning. 

"Belief in the resurrection settles 3 issues"
1) God can provide for you when you have nothing left.
2) You have a calling to discover despite your failure.
3) You have a future hope even though you're afraid of it.

Just something for everyone to think about, you know :)

On to the actual post: 
I had a very relaxing Spring Break for once! Usually I'm in the midst of a show and I'm busy with rehearsals and such but this year was nice! I was able to sleep in and just take a week for myself :) There wasn't that much to do really but relax.

Things I did:
- Finished setting up my recording studio
- Hung out with friends (and tried on creepy masks)
- Made homemade waffles with my brother
- Visited my brother in Bloomington and hung out in Nashville
- Made top hat cookies for my choir next year (my brother decorated) 
- Finished my dress with my mom and wore it to Easter service!

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday :)