Sunday, July 17, 2011

Woods + Friends + Picnic = Goodtimes!

(hope you don't mind all the photos...I went camera crazy)

The Gang!

                                                               Me playing my guitar
                                  Abbie & Alex                                                                    Mark

                                          Elizabeth                                                    Jack

So, on my previous post, I talked about how I wanted to have a picnic with my friends before summer ends inspired by Kinfolk! And today I did! We met up at my house then hiked to this little stage in the woods behind my house. We each brought something to pitch in. I made Fettuccine Alfredo for the first time and I'm happy to say that it was delicious! It wasn't the healthiest of food that we brought but it was fun! Hey, we're teenagers what would you expect? Haha :D

It was fun to just chill out together in a place that no one was at. I brought my guitar with me and we sang all together. We also decided to walk around the woods and we found a hut made out of sticks and called it the Hobo Hut! The girls decided to pose in front of it and the guys wanted to try to fit in it! My crazy friends :)

Then, the last four who were left had a lovely bonfire! I love the last picture I took of my friends Mark and Jack through the fire :) It was a good and successful day!

Hope you had as awesome of a Saturday as I did!

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