Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What Fun With Fireworks

Fireworks! My favorite part of July 4th! (besides being in the parade of course) Anyways, a few of my friends and I got together to watch the fireworks. Everywhere at CarmelFest was completely crowded and we had no room at all. So, I decided it would be a fun idea to go to the Open Air theatre close by the lot. We figured since the fireworks are high in the air that people wouldn't mind if we sat on the cement railing. Luckily they didn't :)

The first picture my friend took of me, my friend Mark and my friend Vincent. I love it, how the light hits behind us is perfect. The second one is of the whole group! I love my friends :) I love it even more how the one to the right of me (Jenna) had the courage to walk up spastically to a random stranger and asked her to take a photo of us! That girl makes me smile.

Hope you had a fun Fourth of July!

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  1. This sounded like so much fun. Wish I could have been there. Your pictures are amazing Sharmaine. Your so talented :) . Keep this up cuz this blog is an awesome idea!