Monday, July 4, 2011

Let's Join the Parade

(Photos taken by my father)

For July 4th, the theatre I am part of (Carmel Repertory Theatre) was part of the CarmelFest Parade! Our summer show this year is Hairspray! I've been part of the parade for the past 2 years and its always fun. It was really long and it also was extremely hot outside was still a blast! The first photo is part of the cast that showed up to participate. My dad took the photos! Isn't he good? Thanks dad for the awesome photos. P.S. now you guys can see how short I am :)

The third photo is of my lovely new best friend, Christian Antonio Peek! He makes me smile :) Both of us are part of the Record Shop Kids (black cast) as you can see both of us are not black! Haha us non black kids gotta stick together ;)

The last two photos I just love! I never notice how long my hair actually is until I see it in photos! It's so lovely. Again, thanks dad! :)

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!!!
and...Happy Birthday to my friend Abbie S! She's such a young one :)

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