Wednesday, July 13, 2011

10 Things To Do...

 Before my summer vacation ends! These are in no particular order by the way :)

1) Have a picnic with friends! Inspired by Kinfolk!

2) Splatter Paint a small canvas for my room. (my room's filled with all of my random arts and craft projects)

3) Hang out with my brothers down in Bloomington where one of them goes to school

4) Go shopping at my two favorite stores!

5) Make candle teacups! 

6) Learn how to make paper cranes! They're so pretty!

7) Finish at least chapters 1-10 in my book. (I'm up to chapter 5)

8) Take a photo shoot of my friends in the woods with my lovely film cameras!...and then probably resort to a digital once I run out of film)

Diana F+
Canon SLR
9) Have my brother teach me how to longboard better!
10) Buy some records of my favorite artists

(Left to Right) The Beatles. The Black Keys. Fleet Foxes.

(Left to Right) Vampire Weekend. The Strokes. Mumford and Sons.

I looked at my calendar today and was shocked to see that it's already July 13th! This summer has gone by way to fast for my liking :P I have less than a month before school starts, which for my school is August 8th. I've been so busy this summer with theatre and rehearsals that I haven't had time to really do anything. But, I am determined to do these ten things before I go back into that high school again! I am a bit excited to go back to school though. Sophomore year will definitely be better than freshman year!

Have a nice day everyone!

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