Friday, July 1, 2011


Name: Sharmaine Ruth

Under Peach Trees is my little online scrapbook of my life. It's focused mostly on my love of photography, music, art, my inspirations, as well as fun little adventures. Here, I would like to focus less on the nowadays glam styles like in the magazines and more on down-to-earth things that most everyone can experience if you want. Instead of articles of make-up and exercises...let's just focus on having fun! :)

I'm the youngest of three kids. I was born in the Philippines and moved to America when I was only 5 months old. I grew up very musically and I play the guitar and the piano. Also, I dance, sing, act, and spend a lot of my time in theatre. I also love taking photos with my Lomography camera: the Diana F+. Another one of my hobbies is drawing and painting. As you can tell I like many things.

Thank you for stopping by my blog :) I hope you enjoy my blog! And I hope you get inspired by it! If you do feel free to comment or e-mail me if you have any questions.

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