Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Give Me a Camera and See What Happens

So, I'm breaking my rule about only having one post a day but I was too excited about this one! Today, my friend Abbie (who may look familiar from this post and this post) came over to let me meet her 39 year old camera which she named Fiore! I made her name it :) Fiore is a 39 years old and is a Nikon that use to belong to her aunt. She's very pretty! I think Gidget and Parisa liked her too :) I'm a nerd and name my belongings! Anyways we took a walk to the woods behind my house and I took some photos! I'm very pleased with the outcomes! I tend to find a lot of inspiration out of my friends! There's another photo shoot that I took a while back with my friend Jenna that I'll share with you tomorrow :)

Sorry for the picture overload haha :)
Have a wonderful day Tuesday!

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