Saturday, July 2, 2011

For the Love of Vintage!

Today my brother and I decided to spend the afternoon at Broad Ripple! I love going down there because it's filled with so many little boutiques! But, if you walk away from the Broad Ripple Village you come across this clothing store named Vintage. It has the most epic and funny clothes ever!

The top two photos are the two articles of clothing that I completely fell in love with! The jacket has the cutest gold buttons and red lining. I love the military feel. The dress was very flowing and pretty but it would have looked a lot better with a belt. The colour was so lovely!

The next two photos are just some of the funniest yet totally awesome clothes I found there. On the left is a pair of pants that I'm pretty sure are from the 70's. I totally thought of Kelso when I saw them! The photo on the right was just priceless! My brother found the sweater hidden behind some other ones. It was like a Where's Waldo hunt! 

If you ever go to Broad Ripple go to Vintage! Along with clothes they also had sunglasses, shoes, buttons, and other things. (P.S. photography is not permitted but somehow we pulled it off whoops) Hope you all had a Vintage filled Saturday :)

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