Friday, May 31, 2013

D.I.Y. Flower Crown

And I'm back and free as ever! With school, shows, and show choir ending I finally have time to keep up with my blog again! And I am so ready for summer! I have many projects in store and I'm so excited to get to do it and share it with you all!

So! To start off the first day of summer I'm gonna show you guys my first D.I.Y. of the summer! It's affordable and nicer on the wallet than buying one at stores!

I am absolutely in love with Hobby Lobby! I could seriously spend so many hours in there and there's always some sort of sale going on with the things I need! So supplies are always cheaper!
Floral Stem Tape - $2.99
Wreath Wire - $2.99
Flowers - $2.99 each with a 50% off sale
 Measure the circumference of your head and cut three pieces of wire about an inch or two longer. 
 Braid the three pieces of wire together and bend it so it matches your head shape. If your wire crown doesn't fit your head (like mine didn't because I did take into account that it'll get shorter with braiding) you can just easily cut a piece of wire and connect the two ends together.
 Next, cut off the flowers from the bouquet and leave the stem of the flower with it. You don't want to cut right to the flower or it'll be difficult to keep in place or tape down.
 Stick the flowers into the holes from the braid and place them somewhat evenly around the crown. Now use the tape to bunch two or three stems together then tape the bundle of stems to the crown.
 And now you have a flower crown!!! And you didn't have to pay the $16+ dollars you would at a store! And the best part is when people ask you where you bought it you could say that you made it yourself!
 And now you can enjoy your flower crown by wearing it out to a concert! Like the Of Monsters and Men concert I went to last night! :D And you can now be called the flower child of the group haha!
So, I hope you all have fun making your flower crowns! Flower children unite!!! :D
Have a great day everyone! I hope you have fun summer plans ready! And let me know how your flower crowns turned out!