Sunday, July 3, 2011

Grillin' and Chillin'

Today at the Nep house we decided to grill outside! Since tomorrow is July 4th we usually have a fun family dinner on the 3rd considering we watch fireworks on the 4th with friends. For my parents and 2 brothers they made pork chops with 'dads secret' rub. And for me! my dad grilled cod! For 2 weeks now I've eaten nothing but fish. This is my third week and I'm going strong! Delicious :) There's me with my fish!

While outside we were visited by a little critter! I quickly got out a camera and took a few shot! How cute is that little bunny? I think I will name him/her Casey since it's unisex name and the name of my favorite American Idol contestant this year :)

So, hope you all have had an awesome Sunday! Have fun with July 4th tomorrow!!! 

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