Monday, June 24, 2013

The Lake House

So, I'm back from the weekend at the lake house! It was such a fun short trip! This was my second time going up there and the trips just keep getting better! Cason's grandparents lake house was a place where he grew up in and Cason always told me stories and memories of this place and being a person who moved around a lot as a kid I always find it amazing when people have all these memories from one place that they can still go back to and make more from! And I can see why he loves it there so much! You feel completely free and comfortable! The lake house was filled with so many adventures and I got to make some amazing memories of my own!
When the two of us woke up, Cason's grandpa taught us how to clean fish. I didn't try it but Cason did. It was the most precious thing watching grandfather teach grandson! And while he was cleaning the fish, me and his grandma went to catch more fish in the lake! Amazingly enough I caught 6! (more than Cason has there) I guess it's the Filipino in me coming out haha!
I also knee-boarded for the first time in my life and didn't fall! I actually can't believe I got up first try! Cason and I also tubed around the lake, didn't fall off, and I earned myself some battle scars! A bruised knee, scraped elbow, and bruised shoulder. But hey! That's how you know you had a good time right?!
I also shot a bbgun for the first time this weekend! And another amazing thing happened! We set up a can to shoot at and my first shot I hit it! They started joking around and calling me Annie Oakley! Later on Cason set up a little stack of cans and for a while was trying to knock them off the table. He got the top one off but the bottom two stayed. I then grabbed the gun reset the cans and on my third or fourth shot knocked off two cans! So on my first day shooting a bbgun I out shot my boyfriend! It was a proud moment haha!
Cason and I took a little paddle boat onto the lake and jumped in and swam around for a bit! The temperature was in the high 80s low 90s so the water felt amazing this weekend! It was nice to just sit on the pier, watch the lake in action and the boats just float there! Everything was so scenic! 
We went to a horse show Saturday night and I'm not sure if anyone really knows this but I am obsessed with horses! I've never been able to ride one and I think that makes me love them even more because I'm just so anxious for the day to get to! After the horse show they brought the horses to the fence and we got to see them! They were so beautiful and graceful! Cason was laughing because apparently I looked really overly excited! I believe him though because I was having so much fun petting the horses and looking into their humongous eyes! They are definitely one of my favorite animals!
And of course, with the beautiful view what else are we gonna do but take a few photos on the pier! It was such a fun weekend and I can't wait to go back there again! It's one of those places that are needed sometimes and are so calm and therapeutic!
What are all of your favorite places to go to? 
I hope you guys had a fun and adventurous weekend as well! And I hope you all have a wonderful start to this week!