Sunday, June 2, 2013

Past Few Months in 1 Post. Ready. Set. Go!

Here's a little catch up game I'd like to call 5 months in 1 post! Let's see how this goes:

- was asked out the day after Christmas and spent a lot of my vacation with him
- went on a mini-vacation to Frenchlick for a weekend
- first Valentine's day with a boyfriend!
- busy with competition rehearsal with Ambassadors
- I TURNED 17! one more year left before I'm an adult!
- Ambassadors (the top show choir of my school that I'm in) went to 3 competitions and...WON ALL THREE! We had an undefeated season and we are now ranked 4th in the nation!
- spent Spring Break weekend in Chicago
- rehearsal for Tarzan began to pick up
- Prom night!
- Tarzan opened!
- Ambassadors 2012-2013 ended!
- Junior year is done!

Phew! Well that was fun!
So now you guys now why I've been an absentee in the blog world lately! But I'm back now!
I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! 


  1. Aw such a lovely post! Looks like 2013 has been a great year so far for you :) xx

  2. Hey I wondered where you'd been! Now I understand, you got a BOYFRIEND! Great to see you back though! You guys look so happy together.