Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Half Year to My Someone

Six months ago God blessed me by placing Cason into my life and ever since then I've been the happiest I've ever been and I'm so thankful everyday for getting to be his! It's truly crazy how one person can change your life so much. And not only did God give me a love but he gave me a best friend and someone to help me grow in my faith and Christianity along with helping him grow in his.

Yesterday for our half year anniversary, Cason came over and I made him breakfast! Homemade french toast! Turned out delicious! I really want to start cooking more and learning new recipes so if you know any easy yet delicious ones I'd love to know!
Afterwards we went headed to a roller skating rink! (sidenote: I'm determined to buy vintage roller skates for myself sometime in my life) I only...surprisingly...fell once in the two or so hours we were there! I was proud! We took fun photos and goofed around and just had a blast!
Ended the night by giving him my present, walking around the fashion mall then going to my house to play video games cuz you know we're just thee coolest couple you'll ever meet! It was a great way to spend the six months we've been together :) If any of you have seen the movie Like Crazy, my present for him was kind of like the one Anna gave to Jacob! I made him a little scrapbook/journal/diary that I've been working on since we started dating and then I also got him Dark Amber cologne from Bath and Body Works and it smells so amazing!
And that's how we celebrated our six month anniversary!
I hope you all have a fun day today!


  1. Roller skating is a blast! I always end up falling on my butt though. haha.
    Cute presents as well~ :)