Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Soak Your Cares Away

I'm writing this post with my hair up in a braided bun, my arms covered in bubbles, the back of my head slightly dripping with soapy water, my Summer Sound Spotify station playing on max volume, the jacuzzi running, and my mind feeling as free and empty as ever.
As a person who is completely enamored with Eat, Pray, Love, one of the things I completely fell in love with was the saying "Il bel far niete" or "the sweetness of doing nothing." However, following that saying is a lot harder than it seems. I don't know about you all but it is difficult for me to spend a day doing nothing. I find myself too antsy and too urging for adventures to stay at home alone and let myself just simply relax. I tend to have to be surrounded by people or even just a person. Because I'd rather be doing nothing with someone else then doing nothing alone.
But today I'm making myself learn "il bel far niete". So here I am sitting in a bubble bath, music playing, and surprisingly enjoying the lack of company. And now I'm finding myself not wanting to enter back into the world outside of the bathroom door and refusing to get out of the tub until every bubble is gone and my toes and fingers are pruned...and maybe even at that point, 10 more minutes.
Hope you all have a relaxing and lovely day!
And give yourself a treat and and know "il bel far niete" like it's your best friend for the day :)


  1. now, im jealous. HAHA

  2. It's good to let yourself go sometimes and just enjoy and relax!

    Kathryn x

  3. ahh i wish i could go to a spa right now!
    love your blog so much

  4. Oh my my! So much comfort I'd probably fall asleep! Love it! Such bright pictures! Love it!

  5. Sounds so relaxing! I'd love to take a day and do that!

  6. Love me a bath.....but in our barn conversion...we only have a wet room, shower no bath :(
    So jealous!