Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Freer the Better?

So, what are some perks for watching a lot of community theatre shows? Not only get great entertainment but also finding coupons for free flat breads at Matt the Miller's Tavern! Lucky for me and Cason no one else in my family wanted to use theirs/ forgot they had of course what else are we gonna do but go there a lot of times! haha they were gonna be used anyways might as well!
Side note: Did you know it was possible for two 17-year-olds (especially one looking like me) could be mistaken for 21-year-olds? Because it happened! When we sat down our host gave us the drinks menu as well thinking we were older haha! That's a story to tell!
Anyways, we've gone to the restaurant and have tried almost every kind but the one left was the Fig and Prosciutto! Trying to be sophisticated we decided to might as well try it...didn't turn out so well! It was...okay haha I guess the two of us just don't have a taste pallets for the fancy named foods we tried. We ended up taking off the fig and the prosciutto and just eating the flat bread but we were smart enough to get buffalo wings along with it so we had a little something more to eat :)
 Hope you all have had a fun day!