Thursday, June 20, 2013

Silly Faces!

There's a quote that I've absolutely have fallen in love with that goes something like "Anyone can act passionate but it takes real lovers to be silly""

With the photobooth still up in the house Cason and I decided to put it to good use :) Obviously we love being silly people together. I find it such a blessing to be in a relationship with someone who knows how crazy I actually am and not hold back with weirdness and still accepts me! Sorry for getting all gushy high school teenage girl on you all haha :) But as you can tell from the photos...we're a pretty awesomely weird couple :)
Cason, his family, and I are heading up to his grandparent's lake house tonight and staying there for the weekend! So I'll be an absentee in the blogging world for the weekend but I'll be back with lots of photos and stories! :D
Have a great day and weekend everyone!