Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Dad is Now the Big 5-0!

Today is my daddy's 50th birthday!!! Or as he likes to call it the "25th anniversary to his 25th birthday!" Considering he was born in the Philippines his birthday was technically yesterday so we had a big party at the house! And today we went to Biaggi's for a birthday dinner! Yay food! Because in a Filipino house hold it's not a party unless there's drinks, music and food...sooo much food!

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that my dad's now 50, my mom will be 50 next year, my brothers are almost in their mid twenties, and in three years I'll be 20! Time has gone by so fast!

Oh yeah! And as my birthday gift for my dad I gave a little performance for them all! If I find a video I'll share it with you all :)

That's what my weekend has been filled with! Food, Family, and Fun!
I hope you guys have had an awesome weekend as well!

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  1. Looks like such happy times ^_^ I'm glad your dad enjoyed his birthday party! The food looks amazing, I love Filipino food.