Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Plans

My family doesn't really travel a lot during summer and especially with me going off to Europe with my choir next school year saving money is really important (and honestly I'd take Europe over Florida any day). However, you all know how antsy of a person I am, I can never sit still for too long or stay in one place for an extended period of time! So to ease my wanderlust this summer I've kinda created some type of list of things that I'm planning on doing this summer to keep me busy so I don't just sit on my butt in front of the T.V. days on end. I'm also job hunting so that'll help a lot if I get a job! Also, I'm getting my license in a couple of weeks which means I won't be stuck at home!
So here's the list:
-Visit the Zoo
-Go to the Indianapolis Museum of Art
-Drive down to Nashville, Indiana
-Go to Holiday World and Kings Island
-Weekend at Chicago
-Have a paint fight
-Have a water balloon fight
-Make clothes
-Crayon art
-Hang out at Broadripple
-Go horse back riding
-Finish a puzzle
-Spend time at Cason's lake house
If you guys have hints and tricks on how to battle boredness I'd love to know!
Have a wonderful day everyone!