Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rainy Day at the Farmer's Market

One thing I love about summer is the Farmer's Market! It's just so much fun to wake up on a Saturday morning,  walk around and smell the delicious goods and see what all people make! Surprisingly today was the first day I've gone all summer! ...And we only woke up in time to go for like the last 30 we're planning on going back next week or so. 
We didn't get time to take a lot of photos of the market since it was late in the time and it was raining. But! We decided to hide in a tunnel and take some photos for an OOTD! Yesterday I went to DSW and got two pairs of wedges! So of course I had to put together an outfit to wear them for you all!
What I Wore:
Bird Shirt with Cutout Back - Love Culture
Black High Low Skirt - H&M
Coral Wedges - DSW
And of course I had to get some photos of the photographer :) He may be camera shy but he can be a great model sometimes haha!
Just another summer day!
How have your summer days or which ever season you're in days have been?
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I'm not a big wedge fan, but those are pretty cute! Also, farmer's markets are great because fresh veggies are the best veggies. :)

  2. Love your wedges!

    -Maddy @

  3. lovely outfit and skirt is stunning <3