Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday! :D

I wanted to show you guys all the wacky things in my life! Well...I couldn't do all because then this post will be way too long! Haha :) Anyways instead of all I'll just show you some of my favorites! 

Picture #1 is of me and my favorite blanket! It has polar bears and penguins on it and I got it last Christmas when my friends and I did a white elephant party :) It's soo soft and warm, which I love! and once dog was attacking me! For some reason he doesn't like it when I use this blanket...strange dog haha :)

Picture #2 is the beginning of my 'hipster' glasses collection! 2 awesome sunglasses and one prescribed pair. I love love love my glasses 8D YAY FOR NERDS!!!

Picture #3 these pens went out of style a couple of years ago but I still love them! They're so cute and adorable! It's like they their own little personalities. 

Picture #4 is of my little drawing doll. I love making it do cool poses! Right now I made her do a 'S' for Sharmaine! hahaha...yeah...I'm not too clever :)

Picture #5 lastly (my favorite) Is my panda hat! If I could choose a nickname that was a kind of animal...I would choose panda! :) I've been telling people to call me panda without giving them an explanation why so they just look at me with a confused face...hahaha...I also have a panda ring!

Hope you all enjoyed and had a great Wacky Wednesday!

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