Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Great Day!

I had such a great day today. Plain amazing! Woke up and since it was a late start I was able to sleep in and catch up on some long lost sleep :) Then, I took a test first period in psychology and felt like I got an A! Made me feel so good! Next, I had SRT and drew a cute little picture which is the one up top. I didn't get to finish it though so it's not colored completely (It says Teeny Tiny) Afterwards, I had choir and we were having auditions for solos for the song "I Can See the Light" from the movie Tangled! AHH too cute! I'm proud of my solo and I'm hoping something great will come out of it :) Lastly, I had applied music were we got our first solo assignment! I was given one of my all time favorite songs which is "A Part of That" from the musical The Last Five Years. It's such a great and sad love story (: After school I went to Barnes and Noble to look for a book called "Stuff Hipsters Hate" My friend recommended it to me because apparently I'm a hipster hahaha! Who knew? Apparently all my friends did. They didn't have it at the store but I did order it and I will own it in 3-4 business days! I'm kind of hesitant to read it...

So that was my greatness of the day! I hope yours was just as great!

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