Sunday, August 7, 2011

Their Golden Times

Here's my mom
                                                                   and Here's my dad                          
and Here they are together! <3
Here are the pictures of Their Golden Times

I'm starting my first 'blog series' today! As you can tell I'm calling it 'Their Golden Times'. 

My mom and I decided that since my brothers and I are getting older we should make a scrapbook for each kid instead of just keeping all the photos in a large box. So, as my mom and I separated the baby pictures according to the kids I happened to stumble upon some old photos of my mom and dad! With each picture came a story. What they were doing. Who they were with. How old they were. Someday in the future I want to go to the Philippines and visit these places :)

The first two are what started it all. Polaroids of my mom, Milaflor (which means millions of flowers) next to tropical flowers, and my dad, Carlo, working. The next two are pictures of my parents on some of their many dates. The the last two are just precious. The one of my dad if of him singing The Old Gumbie Cat from Cats when he was the president of his schools show choir. (I guess it's in the genes:) from 1987. He was 24 in the photo! The one of my mom is at their farm and on the back of the photo was small writing that said 1982. She was 18 in the photo! 

Hope you all enjoy this blog series :)

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