Monday, August 15, 2011

Manic Monday

I think I'll be making this weeks posts titles with alliterations :) 

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It's only Monday but I already wish it was the weekend. I've had such a busy day today! Of course today I had my hard classes. After school my brother (Karl) picked me up and we went to get an envelope at the post office. Then we went home to pick up my other brother (Charles) and had a sibling bonding day in Indianapolis. I found the perfect pair of heels that look like booties! So I'm buying them after my work on Saturday :) It'll be great because I'll be taller with shoes that don't look like heels! Anyways, we went home and I made a chocolate souffle! SOO DELICIOUS.

While waiting for it to finish baking, Charles and I began our co-op mission with the game Portal 2! If you love video games you should play this one! It's so amazing :D Now my family and I are starting our Monday show list. Starts with Warehouse13 then Alphas and last Degrassi. Gotta love my nerdy shows! 

Those pictures make me miss summer so much :(
Have a great rest of the week!

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