Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Late I'm Late!

School started on Tuesday! You'd think since it's the first week of school they'd start you off easy...boy was I completely wrong! My school goes on blog classes so this is my schedule:

Blue Days:
Spanish 3
Honors English
Algebra 2

Gold Days:
Blue and Gold Company (Choir)
Applied Music

First day of school was a blue day. As you can see all those classes aren't exactly easy. I had homework in every class. Gold days are luckily a breeze! But on top of all the homework I'm in a show. So, right after school I have to do homework then rush over to rehearsal. 

Speaking of is the opening night of the show I'm in, which the name might be strangely familiar to most of you. HAIRSPRAY! Yup :)

So those two pictures up top basically represent my how I've felt in the past few days. Soon rehearsal will be over and I'll be able to get into the hang of things school-wise and be able to manage everything else :)

Talk to you soon...maybe haha :)

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  1. Have fun at school (if that's possible) =)