Thursday, May 31, 2012

D.I.Y. Jeans to Shorts

I'm doing a D.I.Y.? Say what?! Haha anyways, I decided that I would get around to doing one because I've been wanting to make my old stuff new in my closet! And it's really easy, anyone could do it and it's super fun! So let's begin shall we? P.S. the lighting changes in the photos because I kept opening and closing the blinds haha I'm an indecisive person sometimes...anywho...

I did two different types of styles of shorts:
Style One:
 Find a pair of jeans that you wouldn't mind cutting up. And also find a pair of shorts to use as a's optional but sometimes it's good to have if it's your first time doing this. Also, you need to iron the pants to make sure that their straight and there aren't any creases that would change lengths.
 Measure 4-6 inches down from the top inseam (if you want to fold up the shorts then cut it longer) Mark the edges and then cut as straight of a line that you possibly can.
Fold the cut side back and align it with the uncut side. Follow and cut the other side so that you now have a pair of shorts :) (easy enough right?)
 Fold it up to see the length and try it on to make sure that it's the right length for you.

To add a little uniqueness to it I decided to add pieces of fabric that I had extra from when I made my first dress. I just traced the different parts of the shorts on the fabric, cut it out, and used liquid stitch to keep it down. I also used liquid stitch to keep the folds up.
Style Two:
 I did the same thing as before by cutting the pair of jeans into the basic shorts length. Then...
 I used a bottom of a cup to create a petal effect on the shorts and traced it with a regular sharpie.
After cutting the traces out I tried them on and realized they were too long on me. So, I decided to fold them up and it actually looked really cute. I'm debating whether I should add lace behind the petals or not...
EEP help me decide?!?! :P
(taken with Instagram)
Anyways, those are the two shorts I made today! I hope it was easy enough for you guys to somewhat follow...there's a first time for everything right? Haha well I also turned old regular t-shirts into fun tank tops and summer clothes that I will show you guys probably tomorrow...or later tonight? Hmm idk I hate doing more than one post a day :P Ahhh conflicted! 

I'll see you till then my lovelies! wicked witch of the west moment...creeepy haha :)
Have a great day everyone!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Forgotten Circus

It's bright and early and the first thing I do when I wake up is blog haha I've been brainwashed. Well anyways :) If anyone is a photographer or artist, or anyone really, reading this I just wanted to ask, How do you get your inspiration?

I feel like I get mine in a really weird way. I mean it's effective and it's worked so far but it's in a really round-a-bout way. Or it's not and I'm just being self-conscious about my thoughts haha :)So to begin this soon to be some-what confusing description (and not every time is like this sometimes I just pick up a camera and go)

1) I think of the main concept that I want to capture
2) Since multiple ideas come at a time I write down the basic details of the different shoots
3) Once I have a really generalized depiction of what I want to do I then turn to music. I look up songs on my iPod that would possible give me even more ideas
4) Then I start watching short films cuz somehow in my weird mind it actually helps creativity flow :)
5) And all that gets written down in my precious notebook/binder

Basically, the reason why I'm writing this post is because last night I came up with a bunch of ideas that I'm planning on doing over the summer and going through my process one thing led to another and I found one of the most amazing short films I've ever seen that gave me so much inspiration! And I'm so excited to share with you all what I'm going to do!
It first came from the song In This Shirt - The Irrepressibles, the song is so beautiful and the lyrics are haunting. So I decided to look at the music video which is from this short film called The Forgotten Circus made by Shelly Love. The link to watch the short film is It's amazing an abstract and everything is backwards but makes complete sense. A quote from the short film that is forever ingrained into my head is "They perform to no audience, only to themselves...can you hear the music?" It's also some of the only words spoken...but it's so hauntingly beautiful don't you think?

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! I think I'm going to make some old jeans into shorts now :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Time to Consign!

Haha I tried so hard to rhyme!

I had a pretty busy day today! Once I month (or more) I clean out my closet because as much as I try to stay organized I end up getting really busy and in the end my closet turns a complete mess! I swear! Somehow there are little creatures in my closet that like to slowly make it more messy!
Also, do you guys like the new layout of my blog? I feel it's a big more clean and less random, do you?
So here are the 'Before' pics of my closet this morning. This is actually cleaner than some other times before...ahh slightly embarrassed by the messiness...:P oh the things I do for blogging haha!
 And here are the after pics! I got a chance to organize my closet to be more prepared for summer :) I also pulled out some items that were hidden away that I'm excited to wear again! Yay organization skills! Also, my dog decided to come to my room and help me out to decide what clothes I should consign haha! He was actually making it really difficult...he wouldn't let me touch the clothes as if he was guarding them! How precious is my little baby! I couldn't get a clear photo because he's a super squirmy dog haha
 The consignment store that we have here is super cute! It's in this house type building thing (i know awful description) And is so cute inside! Downstairs they have the dressing rooms, shoe room, dress room, jewelry, and men's room. Upstairs is my favorite! They have a sale room, kiddos room and my favorite part...Vintage and Band shirts room! I love the store and it's the first time I consigned anything! They didn't take everything I brought them but I did get a good $7.25 :) Any money is better than no many right?
 After having a little fun at the store my friend, Jenna-Benna, and I headed over to Urban Outfitters for a lot of fun! In the world of window shoppers I'm a pretty big spender! Haha put me in a store and I probably won't leave for a good hour just because I walk around creating outfits that I'm too broke to buy! ...I really need to get a job... :P But seriously! I'm in love with those sunnies so much and I'm really wanting a big floppy summer hat! Maybe I'll start job hunting tonight :P
Side note: remember when I told you guys how I'm obsessing over collars and lace? Yeah well you can't really see it but today I'm wearing one of my favorite shirts! It has a black collar and it's made of lacy fabric that has white roses on it :D just thought you all may want to know haha
 After being dragged out of Urban Outfitters by my brother...jk I went out willingly...surprisingly...we headed over to Teavana to get some nice and refreshing tea :) I love trying new teas so today I decided to get Sakura Allure with Opus Rouge cold and medium sweetened! Wasn't the best mix I've tried but it was still really good. But, if you ever go to Teavana I would recommend Sakura Allure with Citrus Lavender Sage cold and medium sweetened. Trust me you will not regret it :)
 Last in our fun adventure we decided to grab some yummy cupcakes! I got a cupcake called Mississippi Mud and it basically consists of a chocolate cupcake with some almonds and coconut in it and a chocolate marshmallow frosting! It was really tasty but super sweet so I was only able to eat half of it :P

So yeah...that's how my day has been! Pretty fun and adventurous :)
Hope you guys had a fun and adventurous day also!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Photographer Inspiration, The Road is Home

After my morning run today I decided to cool myself down by sitting outside and catching up on my daily reading list of blog posts (which is about a good hours worth of reading haha) And having being absent from my blog till recently I've forgotten what blogs I do follow. So when I came across this post from the blog The Road is Home I was very interested and puzzelled at the same time cuz to be honest I don't remember when I added this blog to my reading list. But I'm so happy I did because I am so in love with this girl's work!

Nirrimi is a 19-year-old photographer who has already done beautiful campaigns and is basically everything I wish I could be. Her most recent campaign was Billabong European Roadtrip. The photos were so perfect and carefree and I loved how she captured the freedom of summer. Finding/re-finding her blog was probably one of the best things I could experience right now while I'm preparing myself to dedicating a large amount of summer doing photography. 

Anyways, maybe it's the 'after-run' effect talking but I feel so inspired and transcendent after looking through her posts again :) Here's some (and there are many more) of my favorite photos of hers and see if you have the same effect :D

Being 16 and going into my Junior year of high school, the future (like schools and jobs) have taken up a huge portion of what I talk to my family about and what I obsess about to myself. And with a brother in college and another just graduating college, I've been finding myself stressing about what I want to do and what is most practical for me to do. I know I still have time but it would be amazing to be like Nirrimi or Ann He and be a young photographer. Hopefully this summer, working with my dad on photo shoots and doing a lot of my own, will be can hope :) 

Hope everyone has a great memorial day! 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Sounds

I'm kind of an addict when it comes to discovering and re-discovering music. Even if I already have an iPhone over filled with music data I can't seem to stop wanting to find more new/old music. I'm in love with all the random genres that I find on YouTube and Pandora. And I love love love making playlists on my iPhone, I seem to have a playlist for almost anything. I have a cooking playlist, a getting ready playlist, a running playlist, and of course...a blogging playlist :) 

Since it's summer I've been putting together my new playlist, it's nowhere near done but here's some of the songs that have been making my summer more musical!

Charlie - Ingrid Michaelson
Good Intent - Kimbra 
Tomorrow Never Knows - The Beatles 
Doc Pomus - Ben Folds
Evening/Morning - Bombay Bicycle Club 
Smiley Faces - Gnarls Barkley
Carmen - Lana Del Rey 
Brand New Key - Melanie 
Montezuma - Feet Foxes 
Glory - Radical Face

Hope you all enjoyed the music! And if you guys have any music that you think is great I would love to know!
Have a fun Sunday everyone!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer 2012 Wishlist

So, I'm sitting outside in my backyard on our porch swing and the weather is perfect! Summer weather is my favorite type of weather! It's nice and warm, about 85 degrees F, and there's a slight breeze. All the trees are green and the sun is making everything happier and brighter. And now with school done I feel so calm and care free. I got caught up with my blog list and decided to make a little summer wishlist :D

Clothing wise:
I've been obsessing over collars and lace this whole year and I haven't quite gotten out of that phase yet haha! It's just so flowy and light and perfect for summer. I'm also a big fan of the a-symmetrical style. I love how when you walk it seems to flow behind you :) Also, I'm planning on buying a lot bandeaus to put under any sheer shirts. And for bathing suites, I am so completely in love with the 20's bathing suite style! 
I'm hoping to find some clothes like these but cheaper haha Urban Outfitters is not in the budget of a high school girl! Anyone know where cheap clothes are? Haha I'm gonna be thrifting a lot this summer :)
 (clothes from Urban Outfitters)

Of course being the short person I am...I love love LOVE wedges :) They're comfy and helpful at the same time! But of course you can't always wear heels so for flats, I don't know why maybe it's the dancer in me, but I'm really liking the flats that look like ballet shoes! They're so cute and I could easily match them with any outfit! Again, I'll need to find cheaper versions than Urban Outfitters haha
(shoes from Urban Outfitters)

Random Stuff: 
I've been wanting to redecorate my room and little things like these could definitely be a great addition. And the book ledge would be so easy to make! 
And I'm starting a summer project so I'm on a hunt for a cheap but working Polaroid camera! Plus, there's something about Polaroid pictures that seem so much more special don't you think?

So, if anyone knows where cheap clothes like those are at I would love to know! Same with the Polaroid! 
Have a great Saturday everyone!!!