Thursday, May 31, 2012

D.I.Y. Jeans to Shorts

I'm doing a D.I.Y.? Say what?! Haha anyways, I decided that I would get around to doing one because I've been wanting to make my old stuff new in my closet! And it's really easy, anyone could do it and it's super fun! So let's begin shall we? P.S. the lighting changes in the photos because I kept opening and closing the blinds haha I'm an indecisive person sometimes...anywho...

I did two different types of styles of shorts:
Style One:
 Find a pair of jeans that you wouldn't mind cutting up. And also find a pair of shorts to use as a's optional but sometimes it's good to have if it's your first time doing this. Also, you need to iron the pants to make sure that their straight and there aren't any creases that would change lengths.
 Measure 4-6 inches down from the top inseam (if you want to fold up the shorts then cut it longer) Mark the edges and then cut as straight of a line that you possibly can.
Fold the cut side back and align it with the uncut side. Follow and cut the other side so that you now have a pair of shorts :) (easy enough right?)
 Fold it up to see the length and try it on to make sure that it's the right length for you.

To add a little uniqueness to it I decided to add pieces of fabric that I had extra from when I made my first dress. I just traced the different parts of the shorts on the fabric, cut it out, and used liquid stitch to keep it down. I also used liquid stitch to keep the folds up.
Style Two:
 I did the same thing as before by cutting the pair of jeans into the basic shorts length. Then...
 I used a bottom of a cup to create a petal effect on the shorts and traced it with a regular sharpie.
After cutting the traces out I tried them on and realized they were too long on me. So, I decided to fold them up and it actually looked really cute. I'm debating whether I should add lace behind the petals or not...
EEP help me decide?!?! :P
(taken with Instagram)
Anyways, those are the two shorts I made today! I hope it was easy enough for you guys to somewhat follow...there's a first time for everything right? Haha well I also turned old regular t-shirts into fun tank tops and summer clothes that I will show you guys probably tomorrow...or later tonight? Hmm idk I hate doing more than one post a day :P Ahhh conflicted! 

I'll see you till then my lovelies! wicked witch of the west moment...creeepy haha :)
Have a great day everyone!!!


  1. Yay! I've been wanting to do this but I didn't want to ruin anything haha. I guess I'll try it now!

    ~Effy Mac

  2. These are both really cute!

  3. Love what you have done here!!! So talented

  4. love this! im going to shread old t shirts and braid the strands for a headband!


  5. what a cute blog! wanna follow each other? xx

  6. Very cute! I saw some scalloped shorts at H&M recently and loved the idea, but hated the fabric. This would be great to improve an old pair of pants though.

    Ooh, not sure about the lace, it sounds interesting, but it looks really cute already too:)

  7. such beautiful DIY's. cute shorts, girl! especially the scalloped shorts!
    xo TJ

  8. Love the blue ones!

    xo Jennifer

  9. These are so pretty! <3 I love the scalloped hemline!

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

  10. Cute shorts, especially the scalloped ones!

  11. Wow you did such a good job! I wish I could do this, I am mighty tempted.

    The Style Rawr!
    Tara (& Jade)

  12. this is probably the best denim DIY I have ever seen! you were so creative and they turned out perfectly. great job! bookmarking this!


  13. you're very gifted! this loks great1

    kisses dear

  14. Great DIY project. I love the blue shorts design; very cute.

  15. Whoa, these are awesome! You've inspired me to try cutting up my jeans :)
    Haha, love how they turned out, and I think some lace behind the scalloped shorts would be cute. Although they look great this way too!

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    Trendy Teal

  16. This is great. I love those scalloped shorts! Thanks for the inspiration

  17. This is an awesome idea. Super excited to do this :D

  18. Those shorts look awesome! I made one for myself too, I would be glad if you check it out on my blog :)