Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer 2012 Wishlist

So, I'm sitting outside in my backyard on our porch swing and the weather is perfect! Summer weather is my favorite type of weather! It's nice and warm, about 85 degrees F, and there's a slight breeze. All the trees are green and the sun is making everything happier and brighter. And now with school done I feel so calm and care free. I got caught up with my blog list and decided to make a little summer wishlist :D

Clothing wise:
I've been obsessing over collars and lace this whole year and I haven't quite gotten out of that phase yet haha! It's just so flowy and light and perfect for summer. I'm also a big fan of the a-symmetrical style. I love how when you walk it seems to flow behind you :) Also, I'm planning on buying a lot bandeaus to put under any sheer shirts. And for bathing suites, I am so completely in love with the 20's bathing suite style! 
I'm hoping to find some clothes like these but cheaper haha Urban Outfitters is not in the budget of a high school girl! Anyone know where cheap clothes are? Haha I'm gonna be thrifting a lot this summer :)
 (clothes from Urban Outfitters)

Of course being the short person I am...I love love LOVE wedges :) They're comfy and helpful at the same time! But of course you can't always wear heels so for flats, I don't know why maybe it's the dancer in me, but I'm really liking the flats that look like ballet shoes! They're so cute and I could easily match them with any outfit! Again, I'll need to find cheaper versions than Urban Outfitters haha
(shoes from Urban Outfitters)

Random Stuff: 
I've been wanting to redecorate my room and little things like these could definitely be a great addition. And the book ledge would be so easy to make! 
And I'm starting a summer project so I'm on a hunt for a cheap but working Polaroid camera! Plus, there's something about Polaroid pictures that seem so much more special don't you think?

So, if anyone knows where cheap clothes like those are at I would love to know! Same with the Polaroid! 
Have a great Saturday everyone!!!


  1. Great collection! I actually just got the owl pillow for my birthday:) It's wonderful!

  2. I'm loving all the clothes :) Especially the blue skirt!
    ~Effy Mac

  3. Lace and collars are closet staples for me! Cute selection :)