Monday, May 28, 2012

Photographer Inspiration, The Road is Home

After my morning run today I decided to cool myself down by sitting outside and catching up on my daily reading list of blog posts (which is about a good hours worth of reading haha) And having being absent from my blog till recently I've forgotten what blogs I do follow. So when I came across this post from the blog The Road is Home I was very interested and puzzelled at the same time cuz to be honest I don't remember when I added this blog to my reading list. But I'm so happy I did because I am so in love with this girl's work!

Nirrimi is a 19-year-old photographer who has already done beautiful campaigns and is basically everything I wish I could be. Her most recent campaign was Billabong European Roadtrip. The photos were so perfect and carefree and I loved how she captured the freedom of summer. Finding/re-finding her blog was probably one of the best things I could experience right now while I'm preparing myself to dedicating a large amount of summer doing photography. 

Anyways, maybe it's the 'after-run' effect talking but I feel so inspired and transcendent after looking through her posts again :) Here's some (and there are many more) of my favorite photos of hers and see if you have the same effect :D

Being 16 and going into my Junior year of high school, the future (like schools and jobs) have taken up a huge portion of what I talk to my family about and what I obsess about to myself. And with a brother in college and another just graduating college, I've been finding myself stressing about what I want to do and what is most practical for me to do. I know I still have time but it would be amazing to be like Nirrimi or Ann He and be a young photographer. Hopefully this summer, working with my dad on photo shoots and doing a lot of my own, will be can hope :) 

Hope everyone has a great memorial day! 


  1. Wow I agree these photos are amazing!


  2. These photos are stunning! I could see why she's such a big inspiration to you :)

    ~Effy Mac

  3. love your header. love your pics! would like it if you could take a look at my blog :)

    Figure of Chic

  4. to be a young photographer would be absolutely incredible!!
    loving all of these shots!
    xo TJ