Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Time to Consign!

Haha I tried so hard to rhyme!

I had a pretty busy day today! Once I month (or more) I clean out my closet because as much as I try to stay organized I end up getting really busy and in the end my closet turns a complete mess! I swear! Somehow there are little creatures in my closet that like to slowly make it more messy!
Also, do you guys like the new layout of my blog? I feel it's a big more clean and less random, do you?
So here are the 'Before' pics of my closet this morning. This is actually cleaner than some other times before...ahh slightly embarrassed by the messiness...:P oh the things I do for blogging haha!
 And here are the after pics! I got a chance to organize my closet to be more prepared for summer :) I also pulled out some items that were hidden away that I'm excited to wear again! Yay organization skills! Also, my dog decided to come to my room and help me out to decide what clothes I should consign haha! He was actually making it really difficult...he wouldn't let me touch the clothes as if he was guarding them! How precious is my little baby! I couldn't get a clear photo because he's a super squirmy dog haha
 The consignment store that we have here is super cute! It's in this house type building thing (i know awful description) And is so cute inside! Downstairs they have the dressing rooms, shoe room, dress room, jewelry, and men's room. Upstairs is my favorite! They have a sale room, kiddos room and my favorite part...Vintage and Band shirts room! I love the store and it's the first time I consigned anything! They didn't take everything I brought them but I did get a good $7.25 :) Any money is better than no many right?
 After having a little fun at the store my friend, Jenna-Benna, and I headed over to Urban Outfitters for a lot of fun! In the world of window shoppers I'm a pretty big spender! Haha put me in a store and I probably won't leave for a good hour just because I walk around creating outfits that I'm too broke to buy! ...I really need to get a job... :P But seriously! I'm in love with those sunnies so much and I'm really wanting a big floppy summer hat! Maybe I'll start job hunting tonight :P
Side note: remember when I told you guys how I'm obsessing over collars and lace? Yeah well you can't really see it but today I'm wearing one of my favorite shirts! It has a black collar and it's made of lacy fabric that has white roses on it :D just thought you all may want to know haha
 After being dragged out of Urban Outfitters by my brother...jk I went out willingly...surprisingly...we headed over to Teavana to get some nice and refreshing tea :) I love trying new teas so today I decided to get Sakura Allure with Opus Rouge cold and medium sweetened! Wasn't the best mix I've tried but it was still really good. But, if you ever go to Teavana I would recommend Sakura Allure with Citrus Lavender Sage cold and medium sweetened. Trust me you will not regret it :)
 Last in our fun adventure we decided to grab some yummy cupcakes! I got a cupcake called Mississippi Mud and it basically consists of a chocolate cupcake with some almonds and coconut in it and a chocolate marshmallow frosting! It was really tasty but super sweet so I was only able to eat half of it :P

So yeah...that's how my day has been! Pretty fun and adventurous :)
Hope you guys had a fun and adventurous day also!


  1. Hahaha awweee your so cute looking at your pics takes me back to my highschool days! I love the photo of your cup.lol



  2. I love your new format of your blog! Those sunglasses are really cute! Seems like a great day you had :)

    ~Effy Mac

  3. Well done! Ive host entered into winter and my theory is the more mess the warmer my room will be! Xx Elly @ jazzlipsandtulips

  4. I need to clean out my closet too... I've been dreading it. :(

  5. oh my gosh i need to clean out my wardrobe badly! i'm at the point where i'm just shoving things in anywhere.

    Marlee xx

  6. sounds like a fun day!
    i wish i lived near a shop like that - money for old clothes sounds perfect ;)
    also that cupcake .. yum
    Jessica x

  7. I need to re-organise my wardrobe, but I would need about a week!

    The cupcakes look just delicious, I'm so hungry now!

    Have a great week!

    Sarah XxX

  8. Great pictures!!! Same here with closet!!)

  9. Kudos to you on the closet reorganization, sounds like your dog was trying to be a little helper! How cute!