Thursday, June 28, 2012

Packing and Tracking

With only about three days till our flight to Seattle I've decided to start packing! Which for me, can be a very difficult time just because there's so much I want to bring just in case things don't go according to plan but I don't want to go overboard because I still want to go shopping there. Have you ever seen the Jenna Marbles video "How Girls Pack A Suitcase"? Not only is it completely funny but it's 90% accurate to how I pack... embarrassing haha :) Do any of you ever look at a suitcase and kind of freak out about fitting everything in it? I sure do...I'm going to need those vacuum bags that make everything smaller!
Soooo what I have done for this trip to try to make it a bit more organized I've written out a checklist for the things I need to bring and have taken photos of my clothes and what I'm going to where for each day! Yay dorkness! Haha...yeahhh...but hey whatever works right?
Also, remember when I said that I was planning on only wearing clothes I've remade? Yeah I completely over estimated my powers of focus haha! Most of the clothes I'll be wearing will be remade but not all 14 outfits, no way! I still have three pieces to finish up and four t-shirts to start and finish. It'll take a lot of focus but usually once I get determined to do something I don't stop until it's I'm hoping these are one of those moments...tehe I've been such a slacker :)
Along with all this packing chaos, I've also been adventuring online for more places to go to! I think I'm mostly excited for small thrift stores and coffee shops! I feel like I'm going to come back from Seattle even more addicted to coffee than I am now :D Hopefully two weeks is enough time for me to do all these things! One can only hope right?!
Now I'm off to finish my clothes! 
Have a great day everyone!


  1. So exciting! Planning my outfits in that way is something I would totally do! I always get so excited when I'm about to go on a trip! I've never heard o Bluebird before! It seems like it would be amazing!


  2. I feel the same way when I pack! I've heard that bauhaus coffee is great! have fun!

  3. Good luck :D I'm exactly the same- lists and all! Good to know I'm not alone.


  4. umm, your gonna freeze if your planning on wearing shorts!! I live in Seattle, i would know!

    1. Haha yeah I'm planning on wearing cardigans along with everything :)

  5. Great post :D
    Follow each other? :) This is my blog, i wait your comment!
    Kiss kiss

  6. Wow ms. organized over there! You're going to have a great time in Seattle... do you have family there or are you just vacationing? My family lives in Seattle (I'm in Idaho right now for school). Redlight and the Buffalo Exchange are the best thrift stores ever! have fun :)