Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Adventures

Hey everyone! After being away from the computer for the weekend it's nice to catch up on the blogs and t.v. shows and chill with my puppy :) I had a super fun and busy weekend!

My Polaroid camera came in the mail! I'm super excited to take photos with it and show you guys! As you all know I'm obsessed with film cameras so this one being instant is making me even more excited! The problem is that film can be very expensive. If you guys know anywhere that sells Polaroid 600 compatible film that's affordable I'd love to know :D
It was my dad's 49th birthday! Or as he likes to say the 24th anniversary of his 25th birthday haha :) We went to Joe's Crab shack which is lucky for me cuz then I'm not limited in my choice of food which happens when your in a family who eats a lot of meat haha! Also, lately every restaurant I go to I end up getting some sort of food that looks like a heart!
I spent the night at a friends house and we ordered pizza! It's become our tradition now to take a photo with the pizza guy every time we order a pizza! This is #2! Then during the day we went to go watch movies. We saw the Avengers, which I loved (nerd status!) and then Dark Shadows, which I didn't really like which is super weird because this is the first Tim Burton movie that I didn't was just really strange...
So that's a quick synopsis of my weekend :) Was your guys' fun?
Have a great Monday!!!


  1. haha your so cute everytime I read one of your posts like this I reminiss(spelling? about when my best friend and I were younger. The pizza guy thing is hilarious

  2. It looks like you had so many lovely times! :D
    I felt in love with your polaroid, lucky you!! ^^