Wednesday, June 6, 2012

D.I.Y. T-Shirts to Summer Tops

As promised, the D.I.Y. to turn regular old t-shirts into cute fun summer tops :)

Tank Top:
 Make sure you iron your shirts to take away any creases. Measure three fingers in the middle of the shoulder section and mark it. Follow the seam of the sleeve and measure 3-5 inches down depending on how low you want the sleeves to be and mark it. Cut to connect the marks as smooth as possible. To make the bottom loose and curl up, cut the bottom and stretch the fabric out a bit.
This part is optional but if you want you can use extra fabric the tie the back to sleeves together to make a cute razor-back type effect :)
Fringe Top:
Do the same thing as the tank top but this time don't tie the back! Then, with a piece of tape mark across the shirt where you want your fringe to go up to. Once that's done cut away! The size of the strips really depend on you but nothing more than 3/4ths of an inch :)
Bandeau Top:
This one is going to be a struggle to explain but I'll try my best :)
Cut the shirt across the chest area and leave in the seams (don't just cut the front). Afterwards, cut another piece of fabric that's about 3/4ths the length of the chest piece to use as the back. Then along the sides of those fabric pieces cut six holes.
Using the extra fabric cut out a two strips and then stretch them out. Lace the strings through the six holes starting from the top to the bottom like shoe laces. Tie a knot on the bottom and you can either keep the strings dangling down or cut them off and TA DA! You are done!

So, it was majorly muddy but I struggled through it...kinda haha :) If you want me to re-do any I'd be happy to do it again sometime in more detail and pictures that might make more sense for you guys! Hope you guys have fun making these!
Have a fun day! Happy cutting! 


  1. Really cute I dig the fringe one...never thought Id say it but I might start wearing fringe!lol Great diy!

  2. absolutely love all of these!!! how perfect for summer!
    xo TJ

  3. Very cute! I actually have a pile of shirts here that I've been wanting to cut up:)

  4. Cute ideas!

    xo Jennifer