Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blogger Spotlight: Just Another Art Form

Along with running a blog I love going on blog hunts and talking to new people! This a few days ago I was on tumblr and found this awesome guy named Chris and he runs the blog Just Another Art Form! He is an amazing poet and is a super nice guy! I love his poetry! Two of my favorites of his is Void and Ideals of a Dreamer. It's really nice when you get to talk to another blogger! When I found his blog I really excited because I love sharing talents with all of you! He was kind enough to agree to do a little interview with me and here it is! So everyone, I'd like to introduce you to Chris :D
1) What gives you inspiration?
The inspiration is an odd one as some people they say its Love, Hatred, or any of the big emotions but really more me it is looking to try and find ways to express my thoughts and emotions in a way that isn't a diary. However, when posted in chronological order you can see the mind sets I were in, like When I was suffering Depression or when I was happy, but there is also the cases when I saw or found something odd about myself or something and it just possessed me...  
2) How did you start writing?
I started doing scraps of Lyrics when I was around 14 so I was rather young, so 4 years long I have been writing. But over the years I spurned learning English in Class and nearly failed the classes, there was no way I could learn such a rigid structure once I found the beautiful freedom I found within Song and Poetry... but I always said and always will that being a poet doesn't mean you need Perfect English... it is an art and art should not be limited to rough strokes only in painting, drawing or sculpturing, it should be allowed to used in literacy arts too.
3) What do you hope to do in the future?
In the future I hope to be a fully published and recognised poet who will be doing it as I am now, writing the odd poem when I can't sleep or feel possessed by a though or feeling. I don't wish to make a full living off the poetry but I would love to have large reader base with my poetry.
4) Which poem of yours is your favorite and why?
Well out of all my "published" or Blogged Poems It will have to be "Poetic Mind" just because it holds my beliefs rather firmly in among the words. It feels like I don't think of what to right, but I KNOW what I should put to make it beautiful in my mind... Admittedly nothing is perfect and I tend to get hit and misses with my work...
5) What's one thing you'd like to say to the readers?
To anyone who is reading this first of all a big THANK YOU! and if you ever feel like the need to right do it! Even if it's a diary or song lyrics from your favourite artist or band. Once you have started and you get "hooked" I can guarantee you won't regret it, show it to your friends and listen, you never know you may even feel the joy I do when someone just appreciates your work... and this applies to other artists too! Don't hold back if you enjoy singing, dancing, painting or drawing (and the other arts). After all Everyday should be one step towards your dream and never one step back from it

Thanks again Chris for being an awesome and cooperative person :)
So everyone, go check out his blog! I'd love to know which poem is your favorite of his! And I'm pretty sure he'd love to know also! Hope everyone has a great day!
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  1. Oh I like blogger spotlight posts! I really like your blog, it would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I'm from England) as I post my outfits and more :) :)

  2. Wow I really like his stuff :) I'd agree with you, Ideals of a Dreamer is a really great one!
    ~Effy Mac

  3. Cheers guys :) glad to hear your opinions and all :)


  4. I really liked reading his interview! He sounds like an amazing talented person :)