Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Blog Birthday!!!

I can't believe it! To think a whole year of my life has been documented on this blog! And now I get to celebrate my blog birthday by going to Seattle, WA! But that was just coincidental haha :) Nice how things work out sometimes right?

When I started this blog I couldn't imagine where it would be after a year. Well, the year's gone and my blog is still alive! I have a lot more followers than I expected after a year and I've made such great friends and connections through the blog! I've grown more as a person, writer, and photographer and my inspiration is growing just from knowing you guys are enjoying it :)

So, what did I do on my blog birthday? Here it is all captured in photos for you all!
 The day started off at 3:30am when we all got our bags finalized. Then at 4:30am a limo picked us up from our house to bring us to the airport! We had an hour flight from Indianapolis to Chicago followed by a 4 and a half hour flight from Chicago to Seattle...and we've arrived! All these time changes are really messing with me right now haha!
Just by driving around Seattle I've already fallen in love with this place!
Then, we all went to the Seafood City Market. Out of my whole family I'm the only one who hasn't experienced life in the Philippines so coming to Seafood City was a bit of a culture shock for me! But I loved it! It was so cool to get a taste of the Philippines and on top of that my brothers and I were able to pick out our favor childhood Filipino snacks that we haven't had in a while!
I also got these beautiful pieces of jewelry as a present from my aunt! And those are real sea pearls! I'm planning on showing these more closely later because they are too beautiful not to :)
And here's a picture of the Torres family reunited (besides one of my aunt, Nenita) from left to right:
Mila (my mom, second oldest), Rita (the middle child), Carmen (my grandma), Gavino (the youngest), and Teresita (the oldest)

And now it's 11:54PM PST July 1, 2012 which means after a 28 hour day I should probably get some sleep 
Have a great day everyone! These next two weeks are going to be exciting!


  1. Concrats!
    Your blog looks lovely!

  2. Hey lady!! I just stumbled on your cute blog and I’m your newest follower!! Also if you follow back you can enter a huge Shabby Apple giveaway I’m having right now!!
    Hope to see you there, and thanks so much lady!!
    Xo, Emily

  3. Happy blog birthday! sounds like you're having a blast!