Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Day at the Lake

Yesterday, I spent the day at Pine Lake with my friend Lily who you've also seen before in my Birdcage Bindings photo shoot! Pine Lake was like this mini-water park, it had slides, a racer, a zip-line and so many other cool things! The zip-line and the racer was definitely my favorite part of it!

I never knew you could get a hair tan line until yesterday when I came home and realized I'd gotten a bit sun burnt haha whoops! I also learned that I freckle! haha now I have freckles on my arms and back and some on my face...another whoops! A day has passed, my arms are sore and my burns turned into tan (thank goodness for having skin that doesn't peel) and I'm super exhausted...but it was all worth it to have such an amazing day!

Sadly since I was in the water the whole time I didn't really get that many photos to show you guys how awesome place it was :P But here are some of the photos of that day :)

On our way to the lake!
Cute sign at the lake
A chicken that they had and friends!
My burns from yesterday! Can you see the hair tan line I got?! Haha!
I hope you guys have a great Sunday!
Oh.My.Gosh! A week from today I'll be in Seattle, Washington :D Packing time!


  1. that looks so fun I havent been to a water park for....oh man like 5 or mire years!!!

  2. Looks like such a great time! A great summer!!

    Cathy Trails

  3. make sure you put aloe vera on those burns! looks like you had a fun time!

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