Friday, July 6, 2012

The Longest Beach in the World

Today, my brothers, my dad and I all decided to head out to Longbeach, WA while everyone else is busy with wedding planning. The day basically consisted of us walking around and being complete tourists (which is always super fun) We went to this little kite shop because we've grown this new obsession for kites. Then we went to this free antique shop/museum which I completely loved! It had so many old types of games and it also held Jake, the half-gator half-man! Afterwards, we ate at a restaurant which sold fresh seafood, which was completely delicious! I ordered the oyster version of fish and chips and I was in seafood heaven haha!
What I Wore:
Sunhat - Forever21
Black Cardigan - Stolen from my mom :)
Shoes - good'ol Shoe Carnival
 Hope everyone has had a nice day!!!


  1. lovely photos ! :D

  2. Looks so fun and I love your outfit!
    P.S. I got your button up today<3

  3. looks like you had a blast! i love your outfit :)

  4. Once again it looks like you had such fun :D
    I love your darling skirt ^^

  5. Looks like fun ! And your outfit is super cute<3


  6. Love your outfit! I would love to visit the US one day, I've been having great fun looking at your blog.