Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I have a feature post here on the blog Sweet Sweet Nightingale! You guys should totally check it out!

Sooo, today ended up being a busier day than I expected! First my brother picked me up to go to lunch at this little place called the SoHo Cafe and Gallery, which was totally cool and completely delicious. Then we went to Urban Outfitters, Teavana, Anthropologie, and Craft & Barrel just for fun. After that we ventured to our new house to try to save our grass...then we went to Hobby Lobby, Chili's (for dinner), and finally Barnes and Noble! Didn't expect it to be so busy but it was fun :)
 My lunch: Greek Salad
 Desert: Affogata (spelling?) which is two shots of espresso and one scoop of gelato

Also, a while back I won a giveaway on this blog! One of my favorite things about blogging are all the giveaways! Even though it's rare to win, it's completely awesome when you do! I am completely in love with this shirt! It's comfy and big and perfect for summer :)
Hope you all had a great day!! I'm doing a photo shoot tomorrow and I'm super excited!
Don't forget to visit my feature post!!!


  1. Hi Dear
    This is a beautiful blog and love you for sending me the link...
    I am following you now....
    Hope to see you on my blog soon and also if you could follow me...

  2. Nice blogging. i am so glad to visit your blog. can we follow each other?

  3. That salad looks yummy. It's all I want to eat right now, it's been so hot!

  4. mmm I love a good salad and a delicious desert! I just discovered your blog and its great
    let me know if you want to follow each other :)