Sunday, July 22, 2012

Doll Face

So...I totally told you guys I'd post these photos last Thursday but that never happened haha :P This is my latest photo shoot I've done! And the cool part is that these photos were taken in my new house :D The roof photos are from outside my room which is cool because now I know that I can just hang out on my roof top when I want :) The model is one of my closest friends! We've known each other since I was in 4th grade and she was in 5th and we're practically sisters now haha
There are 70 edited photos all together soo I'm just going to give you guys a few! You can find the full photo shoot on my flickr account! It was so hard to choose which ones to put on here because I love them all so much haha! Enjoy :)
Hope you guys have had a great day! And thanks Rachel for being a perfect Doll Face! Love you sister :D <3
My family and I are starting to work a lot on the new house so sadly blog posts may be very few for the next week or two but I'll try my best to keep you guys updated!


  1. Lovely photos, your friend is very photogenic! I love the ones where she is on her tippy toes :)

  2. Great pics!!!

  3. Cute photos, nice blog, follow each other?

  4. There are great! I really love the black dress, and it looks awesome when paired with the converses.


  5. Great Photos. I follow your Blog now.
    Please follow me.

  6. Wow one of your best shoots! These are amazing esp. since inside lighting can be tricky! Your friend is beautiful also my fav is the one where she has both.hands on her head and is laughing..looks like it should be in a magazine!

  7. good gracious i wish i was that graceful and flexible! great shots!

  8. Looks like a ton of fun! I love the ones with the make up on her hands!

  9. all of these photos are absolutely incredible!
    such fierce poses! especially that one of you on your toes!! :)
    xo TJ

    1. Haha that's actually my friend in these photos...I was the one taken them and editing them :)

      <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  10. So pretty!

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    ox from NYC!


  11. A really nice series of photos! Nice blog btw.
    I am now following new. Is t ok if you'll follow me back?

    ~ xx Lalaine

  12. Oh my goodness! These are great! Love it!


  13. Good pics... and funny! I like your blog! ;)