Saturday, July 28, 2012

Better Late Than Never

Do any of you guys read Kinfolk Magazine? I've been a fan of theirs since they started when part of their first volume was online. Their amazing photography and beautiful stories completely inspires me and makes me want to do more little gatherings...which I'm planning with the new house!

Since I'm 16 and jobless I don't have enough money to buy a subscription (someday I will though haha) so I've been waiting for it to be printed and sold...and on sale...from the nearest store possible :) Finally, I have bought one of their magazines! I was able to buy the second volume and I'm planning on going back and buying the third soon! I love it...a lot...their fourth volume came out recently and I'm excited for it to be sold at the store I buy it from :)
 You guys should check out their website! Inspiration is plentiful there :) and follow my instagram: @sharrysongbird
Hope you all have a great day!!


  1. Looks beautiful! I don't think it's available here, but I'm glad to hear you caught a good sale:D Besides, I'm already stoked as I managed to stumble on a place that sells Frankies!

    1. Oh my gosh! Frankie's another one I'm trying to find haha and Rue! All those magazines are just simply amazing :)

      <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  2. i wish i was able to find those around where i live! it looks like a great mag :P

  3. This sounds like a really lovely magazine! I would love to buy it but i live all the way over in New Zealand! I too love Frankie, i buy every issue and still cant get enough. Another one that is similar to Frankie (Its also Australian is YEN- you could try Google it ?)
    Your blog is super lovely and i am now following!

  4. Oh how fun! Those pictures are beautiful. I have never heard of it.

  5. Love the photographs in Kinfolk magazine! Loving your blog as well. Your header is adorable by the way!

    Oh and my GFC is being weird, but it let me follow you through it by using my twitter, who knew you could do that?! I didn't! Love it.

  6. looks interesting. thanks for sharing, going to check their website!

  7. I have never heard of them the photots look beautiful!

  8. Lovely photos! I hope you will visit my blog at :)

    xx Nikki

  9. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!
    I follow you now! Hope you will follow me back )

  10. I love everything about your blog. I'm your newest follower! Hope you can check mine too! xo

    Nikki of Inside The Closet

  11. I've never seen Kinfolk but after your fab review, I might have to search for them today!! Love your blog, super cute :) Maybe we can follow one another and stay in touch? :)

    Cathy Trails

  12. thanks for sharing this fantastic mag with us!
    definitely checking it out.


  13. Thank goodness you posted on this Sharmaine! I have never heard of this before! If only I had a spare $65 dollars around plus enough to buy all the past issues! Great post!