Tuesday, September 6, 2011

StumbleUpon This Batman!

I have fallen in love with StumbleUpon! I have now grown to be obsessed! Here's some of the things I've found on this site. If you don't use stumble upon you should. It's so inspiring and so cool!

Today was such a great day! I now have a solo in a song that my choir is singing! We are singing Steal Your Rock and Roll from Memphis! And to me it's a big deal that I got this solo because I'm in the highest non-competition choir in my school and I have upper classmen in my class. Also, everyone was so supportive! It was so nice and awesome! I'm excited to start the choreography :)

How was your guys's day?
I hope you have had a great one! You guys are awesome (:


  1. The nails on the first picture! Goodness, that's so cool!

  2. Your blog banner is adorable! Did you draw it?
    It's soooooooooo cute!!

    (^.^) hope to hear from you - love

  3. cool thanks , let me check it our more :D