Saturday, September 17, 2011

Homecoming Week & Game!

                                    Decades Day                                      Favorite Movie Character Day

Homecoming week was sooo much fun! I only got to get pictures of two of the spirit days though :/ So for decades day I dressed as a hippie from the 60s! I love that decade so much :) And for favorite movie character day I dressed up as a Potterfied Zooey Deschanel! Hahaha! 

School spirit at our school is so amazing! Everyone dressed up for the spirit days and the classes compete for the spirit awards. Our school is on a block schedule (Blue and Gold days) and we have Green days were we have 25min class periods and meet with every class. In our 10 minute passing periods we have our pit people from the marching band do bucket banging! The energy of the school is so heightened and it's so amazing! There were fun dance battles and awesome tricks that were going on :) I love my school!

After school was our homecoming game! It was jam packed full of people from students to alumni. It was very claustrophobic but still very fun! We won of course :) Our football team is undefeated! The last picture may look a little grainy because of the baby powder! Yup that's right. Baby powder. Before the game starts the students pass around bottles of baby powder. At the first kick off we all throw it into the air! It looks so cool in person! My friends and I were right in the splash zone! The wind was hitting us and after the kick off we were all covered in baby powder! It was so much fun!

Tonight is the Homecoming dance and I am so excited! I'm going to a pre-party with a bunch of my friends! So the next post will most likely be a picture overload! You've been warned :)

If you're in high school, how do you celebrate your homecoming? And if your not, how did you celebrate your homecoming? Or what was your favorite memory of high school?
Hope you guys have a lovely day!


  1. It's always interesting for me to see other peoples' experiences of high school because I feel like I had the least stereotypical, least normal one of the bunch. I went to a total of two dances in four years, I never had a boyfriend, I never went to parties... and there is something utterly fascinating about seeing others do so, haha.

  2. Favorite movie character day<3 Yaaaaay:D