Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Football


It's nice to finally have a short break from school :) I kicked off this weekend by hanging out with my friends at a home football game! WE DOMINATED!!! :D Yay for going to an awesome school where both performing arts and sports are amazing! I'm so blessed to live here! So there are some of my friends decked out in spirit wear! I don't necessarily watch football that much but it's fun just to hang out with friends and support the school (: 

This weekend is going to be fun. It'll be filled with relaxing, hanging out with friends, catching up on books, and finishing up some homework. A well earned break for all of us. School just hit us all so fast! It's weird not seeing all of the friends I usually do because schedules are different. This weekend will be a nice time to catch up with everyone :)

How are you all going to spend your well deserved three day weekend? 
I hope you all have a fun and safe one :)


  1. Football much fun to get into the school spirit. Enjoy the long weekend.


  2. We never had things like that at our high school. Well, none Dutch high school has! It seems like so much fun and good for the school spirit!

  3. Oh long weekends are the best, it sounds like you have a great time planned! unfortunately we dont get a long weekend in Aus :-(