Sunday, September 11, 2011

Don't End the Weekend

What a weekend! Friday night I went to my friend's surprise birthday party! (He will  be 16 this Friday) And I didn't get home till very late in the night (not sure exactly when) Then I woke up at 7a.m. to teach a dance class. Luckily my dad made me coffee! Oh how I have been living off of coffee :) Saturday I spent the day with my mom then went to hang out with my friends around 9p.m. and got to my friends house round 1:30a.m. to crash but we ended up staying awake until 5 something haha! Came home around 12:15p.m. today and went grocery shopping with my family! I'm to the point where I'm completely tired but I don't want to sleep! These are the kind of weekends I live for! Being young and feeling infinite. Throughout the weekend this Time To Pretend by MGMT kept popping up into my head and it pretty much sums up how much (legal) fun we were having. Haha! XP If only the weekend wouldn't end.

Tomorrow is the begging of homecoming week at my school! Everyday we have a different spirit day!
So you'll be able to see my school spirit this week!

I also want to take a blog moment to recognize all the people who lost their lives in the 9/11 attack and thank all the heroes who helped! It's been 10 years but the memory of that day is still so vivid.

I'm was your weekend? (:
Hope you had a great weekend everyone!


  1. so cool.. surprises are always fun! mostly. p.s. I entered a blogger contest and I really need you to 'like' my picture.. it only takes a second. And the contest only runs until this Friday! I'd really appreciated. here is an explanation:

  2. inspiring post, am loving your blog!

  3. Your blog is so lovely and inspirational! <3



  4. Your most welcome my dear, thank you for your lovely comment. xx