Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nothing Better Than A Grandpa Sweater!

Well, it's not exactly a grandpa sweater...this is one of my dad's really old sweaters that I stumbled upon while looking for stuff in my parent's closet! 

Unlike my family, I hate the cold. I'm a summer person. The feeling of being free and the boiling hot temperatures with the sun on my skin is perfect! Sadly, the summer has come and gone. Fall is beginning and the weird Indiana temperature is driving me crazy! It's in the high 50s in the morning and mid 60s by the time school gets out. Everyone says that they love this temperature...I don't :( I'm always freezing. 

But the one thing I do love about this weather is wearing big comfy sweaters! And I am in love with this one! It's soft and comfy and eats me up! I feel so tiny in it :)

What's your favorite thing about this season?
Hope you've had a wonderful day!


  1. You look so cute in the oversized sweater! They really are the best part of chilly weather.

  2. yesss.. cozy sweaters are definitely the silver lining in fall/winter.. and cute boots too :)

  3. first of all i think the blog header is really cute :)

    i am glad i stumble into your blog cause i love genuine posts :)

    your sweater looks so comfy , i love oversized old sweaters but i hardly wears them because the weather here is so hot

    in my country Malaysia we don't have Fall , :(

    i think its one of the most romantic season because everything is brown and golden lol

    i have never experience Autumn so i don't know whats my fav thing about it but hopefully someday i will

    I am Jasmine , pleasure knowing you ♥

  4. Big comfy sweaters may be my favorite part of fall... And layers! Ugh, I wish we had fall in Arizona... I would WAY rather be cold than hot. There are only so many layers you can take off haha!