Friday, August 10, 2012

The Saving Game

When you're a teenager with big dreams but no job, saving money is something that becomes really important to you. As juvenile as collection coins sounds it's actually very helpful. It's crazy how much money can accumulate in just a month even if it is only coins! I've been saving literally every cent and extra dollars I get and splitting them into three sections: Give, Spend and Travel.

'Give' : at the of each month whatever money I've saved will go to fundraisers and charities.
'Spend' : whatever money I save up will be mine to spend on hang outs, clothes, and ect.
'Travel' : this is what I'm calling the 'untouchable money' which will never be touched until I use it to travel :)

So that's how I'm playing the saving game! I'm hoping I don't end up cheating and stealing coins from myself haha! Do all of you save your money in a certain way? And has it been helpful?

Hope you all have had a great day!!


  1. oh !! that's a good job you r doing!!:)
    I save some of my money and put it one of the boxes i made..this box has no outlet for me to take the money out again!! so ..this ensures that i don't steal my own money :P

  2. Thats such a smart idea actually. follow me =)

  3. It's good to save!! ☺ I only mostly spend my money whenever I go out with my friends. As for clothes, I often go to thrift stores with my mom and sister. For books, I borrow lots of books in our school's library. ☺

    Nice blog!! ♥

  4. That is wonderful! I've thought about saving up coins again, but I haven't tried yet. I usually just try to not spend anything instead of laying something apart. Might give this a go though! Very nice idea:)