Wednesday, August 15, 2012

OOTD: Welcome to Junior Year

What I'm wearing:
Sheer Vertical Striped Shirt - Forever21
Leather Pleated Skirt - Forever21
Buttoned Heels - Thrifted

My junior year of high school has officially begun! Today was my first day back to school and let me just tell you, it when by so fast! Since we have block classes in my school I've only been to half of my classes for the year. Today it was U.S. History, Study Hall, Biblical Literature, and AP Literature and Composition. Lucky for me I have homework in every class :P Oh well! I'm just overly excited at the fact that now there's only two years between me and college!

You can also check out this outfit on my lookbook!
Hope you all have had a great day!


  1. So cool outfit!!
    Love this skirt, it's awsome!!
    Wanna follow each other!? :D

  2. I hope you have a great year :D
    I love that blouse, you look adorable ^^

  3. love this outfit! you are just too cute, girl!
    xo TJ

  4. love the shirt! wow, i can't believe how early you start... my school starts the earliest in the region, and we still have almost two weeks! (ew.)

  5. Such a darling outfit! It almost reminds me of Wednesday Addams! =)

  6. Perfect back to school outfit! And that hairstyle really suits you, you look absolutely lovely:)

  7. We are following you now, please follow us back!
    Kisses from Croatia!!

  8. You look Stunning..Love the complete ensemble!!
    Following you,please follow back to keep in touch through comments!