Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sweet Sweet Sixteen!!!

A week ago from today (March 3rd, 2012) I turned 16 :D 
Another year older, another year wiser,
another attempt to make this blog successful! :)

I held this massive party at my house for my sweet 16th! Around 25-30 people were at my house and it was so much fun! We had the music to the max and decorated the house with all these awesome lights and decorations! It looked more like a club than a house :D Then, in the midst of our party rockin', my neighbors were kind enough to call the cops on us...well whoops :) haha Sorry neighbors :P But honestly it kinda made my party even more awesome than it already was! Overall my birthday was amazing and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect night...because apparently in high school you're party only becomes famous when the cops get called (: 

Here are some photos from my night! Enjoy! 
Oh and tell me a store of a time you've had a run in with the cops or if you've had an awesome party story!

Song of the night was definitely Sorry for Party Rockin' by LMFAO :)
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!
<3 Sharmaine Ruth

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