Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tumblr Thursday

Usually when people my age stay home from school they decide to spend the day sleeping or playing video games...I spent the day cleaning my room :) And boy do I feel so much better knowing my room is finally back in order! Man I do not belong in my age group haha! I've been under the weather for about 3-5 weeks now and I've been suppressing and ignoring it in hopes it would go away...I recommend you guys don't do that because it's only gotten worse :P Luckily, I was finally able to go to the doctors and now I'm on a crap load of meds to get better!

Anyways, I've started yet another addicting thing on the computer...TUMBLR! and I now know why people love it so much! Here's some of my favorites from this week: 

pure genius <3
Poem by Dallas Clayton

Potentially lovely, perpetually human.
Open by Regina Spektor.
Open by Regina Spektor
Cassie from Skins season 2 episode 8
It’s just too much <3
Tate from American Horror Story

my URL is !
Are you guys as addicted to tumblr as I am? :D
Also, do you guys have any remedies that help you through a cough and cold? I would love to know!

Hope you had a great (and hopefully healthy) day!

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